[The future of food] Click and Grow – A smart pot

For months, I was thinking about buying this smart pot – Click and Grow. Whenever I try the recipe’s of western cuisine, the most tricky thing is to find herbs in the market. I tried to grow by myself at home, but I was a plant killer…

This pot, called the ‘smart pot,’ creates the best conditions for plants to grow, even when you grow plants indoors. It waters itself and sheds light like it’s in the outdoor environment. And, it has sensors in the pot to check plants’ conditions so that it can change the amount of water and light to help the plants grow well.

Here’s the product description on the kickstarter :

Our system is the easiest indoor gardening solution on the market, and it involves far less noise than the hydroponic systems. All you have to do is fill the water tank, plug the garden in and boom! – the Smart Garden 9 takes it from there.

Using the garden is as easy as 1-2-3
Using the garden is as easy as 1-2-3

The Smart Soil. This 100% safe, nanotech material supplies plant roots with the right amount of oxygen, water and nutrients at all times. It’s no regular soil, but a material that breathes with the plant and evenly disperses air and water mixture based on the plant’s needs.  Made of natural materials, the Smart Soil is biodegradable.

The Click & Grow Smart Soil
The Click & Grow Smart Soil

Drawing upon material and plant science, our technology optimizes plant’s growth cycles by carefully monitoring the factors that affect their growth on a micro level. This means we can keep pH, aeration, moisture, and nutrition right where the plants need them to be without relying on the expensive mechanical control systems of hydroponics

THE WATERING. Our advanced watering system uses safe sensors to continually distribute the perfect amount of water to each plant. This keeps your seedlings happy and healthy at all times.

The lamps offer perfect hues to support photosynthesis
The lamps offer perfect hues to support photosynthesis

THE LIGHTING. The lights used in the Smart Garden 9 reduce light pollution through the use of highly transparent optics. The garden’s lamp mimics nature’s most efficient photosynthesis peaks and maintains a healthy and natural emvironment

The Smart Garden 9 in white

While I was considering whether to buy one, Click and Grow launched their new product – Click and Grow 9 on Kickstarter. Well, the new products are still being developed so expected time of delivery is next year. I just ordered the current version of Click and Grow and am waiting for it to arrive to Korea safely. 🙂


Hope to see you soon, pot!


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